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I have added posts to this blog at regular intervals – on or around the last day of every month – from the period beginning March of 2012 up until October of 2013: and if these particular posts are read in sequence, they should hopefully present the reader with a reasonably coherent narrative.

After October of 2013 it became increasing difficult for me to post here quite as regularly. Mainly because, by this time (towards the end of 2013 that is), I found it necessary to engage in a number of far more detailed private exchanges with other interested parties here – at least where it came to discussing the consequences arising from the incorporating of particular concepts of Eugene Halliday’s into various forms of praxis – which is the only aspect of this material that I have ever really been interested in, and that I believe to be of any real importance.

In order to give these private exchanges the attention that I believe they deserve, my own contribution to them is now taking up most of my available time here.

However I am still posting – if somewhat irregularly – my most recent post being in January of 2019.

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If after reading this first post you’re still interested, then I suggest that you read through all the remaining posts in numerical sequence.

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