Those of you who have recently attempted to use the original domain name address ( to access the Eugene Halliday Archive site will have discovered by now that you can now no longer do so.

This is due directly to the incompetence of (or was perhaps a direct decision taken by) those who insisted – some four plus years ago – that they should be the ones to be responsible for maintaining the continued presence of the Eugene Halliday Archive on the internet (by paying the rentals due directly for this service themselves).

I would add here that I had taken care of what is really this rather trivial (but non-the-less still essential) detail here myself for the first six years of the archive’s existence with absolutely no problems. So there was no straight-forward reason that I could see at the time for anyone wanting to take it on. Although it was suggested to me directly by one of those involved here that, “I wasn’t getting any younger.”

Ever the optimist though …

... I agreed.

However, those who sought to involve themselves directly here are now apparently  no longer paying for the rental of the necessary server space…. Surprise!! Surprise!! 🙂

As I suspected that this situation would inevitably end up in one form of shambles or another from the moment that those directly involved here did ‘take over’ … (Think: ‘Couldn’t’; ‘piss-up’; and ‘brewery’, in the same sentence here, if you want to know why) …  I made ‘alternative arrangements’ for the continued presence of the Archive well over a year ago – so that those who still wished to do so could avail themselves of this material, in a way that was still – so to say – ‘cost free’ …

So the archive is now back on line.. And this will not be happening again – at least not on ‘my watch’.

Here then is the Link to Eugene Halliday archive

Or, if you prefer, you can cut and paste this address:  into your browser

BTW, I would advise you to ‘bookmark’ the new site for yourselves – if only because it’s far easier to do that than to keep coming to this blog, simply in order to access the above link.

Bob Hardy

9th August 2015

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