NOTE: My principle reason for writing this blog was to provide an account of how, for over the past 40+ years or so, I have interacted with a number of Eugene Halliday’s concepts, in the hope that this might prove to be of some use to others who might have come across his material.

To that end, in February of 2012, I added a blog page to the Eugene Halliday Archive site itself, in which I explain in more detail why I began this project.

I would suggest then, that before continuing on here, you first of all visit this page of the Eugene Halliday Archive. Here is the link: Eugene Halliday Archive – Blog Page

It was sometime during the early part of 2004 when I first began work on the construction of a ‘Eugene Halliday Archive’ site, which – as of now – contains freely downloadable files of the majority of his talks and essays. This obviously constitutes a considerable amount of material and if you’re looking through it for the first time, you might want to know which file(s) to open first, and having done so what (if anything) to ‘do’ next.

As Eugene Halliday is no longer around to supply you with the answer here (and indeed, I seriously doubt that he ever actually did answer this particular question) I have decided to post accounts of my own experiences with this material of his, in the hope that these might be of some use to you.

But I must make it clear, here at the outset, that these posts are not intended to constitute any sort of ‘Scheme Of Work’ – in which I suggest something to the effect that you simply start with tape (or ‘seed idea’ – as some are fond of calling them) ‘A’, and having digested this proceed on to ‘B’, until you finally arrive at ‘Z’.

I must also point out that as the accounts of these various interactions of mine that I offer here have clearly been conditioned by my own particular psychological profile and unique set of life experiences, obviously I can have no idea ultimately what their relevance, or usefulness, (or otherwise) might be to you.

I attended many of Eugene Halliday’s talks personally; and I believe that I have also read the majority his essays, and listened to recordings of the majority of his talks.

I was introduced to Eugene Halliday’s ideas sometime during the early mid-Seventies, and over the course of the intervening years I developed a number of methods of applying them. These included:

  • Involving particular ideas in practical methodologies, which I then attempted to develop – in order to increase my own self-awareness.
  • Examined my established patterns of behavior to see if these could be interpreted, and perhaps modified where necessary, from my point of view of these ideas.
  • Adapting one of his concepts (or a collection of his ideas), to subjects of major interest to me. ‘Ethnomusicology’ would be one example here.

Any value for me then that I might claim is contained in Eugene Halliday’s ideas, has come from my attempts to involve particular ideas, or concepts, of his into various forms of praxes.

I am not claiming to offer any definitive interpretations of Eugene Halliday’s various texts in my postings here. But then I don’t believe that ‘definitive interpretations’ are possible in principle – with any text, or by any interpreter.

I have posted more detailed information regarding my decision to begin this ‘Inside The Eugene Halliday Archive’ blog, in the ‘Blog’ section of the Eugene Halliday Archive site itself.


If you have not yet visited the Eugene Halliday Archive, I would suggest that you do so before continuing with any reading of my posts here. Here’s the link: http://www.eugenehallidayarchive.info


Posting a comment to this blog.

As the primary purpose of this blog then – where it concerns Eugene Halliday’s concepts at least – centers around the involvement of these concepts into actual forms of praxes, please understand that I am not so much interested in hearing about what it is that anyone might merely ‘think’ concerning a particular idea, or concept of Eugene Halliday’s – unless this ‘thinking’ has had a direct bearing on their attempts to embody, or to demonstrate in someway, experiences that arise from interacting with these ideas, or concepts.

To give you some idea of what I mean here. It’s more, “When I attempted to incorporate this idea(s), or concept, into my life, this started to happen/or seemed to me to be a direct consequence,”  rather than, “Eugene Halliday says ‘this’, and I think that, perhaps, it could mean ‘that'”.

I would be very interested then, to hear from anyone out there regarding: what particular ideas, or concepts, of Eugene Halliday’s that you have worked with; what methods you have used to embody these ideas, or concepts; and what the consequences of this activity has been for you.

That said, I obviously have no objection whatsoever (in principle at least) to any discussion of Eugene Halliday’s concepts. So, if you have been involved in, or have recently come on line with one of these sites yourself (say a forum, or discussion site, or your own blog, etc), then please send me a brief description, and I will be happy to provide a link to it from this blog.

Finally, I must stress here once again that the methods I have devised to assist me in any presumed understanding of Eugene Halliday’s ideas or concepts, were developed exclusively for my own use; and it must also be clearly (and unequivocally) understood that I make no claim whatsoever to possessing any kind of ‘universal authority’ here. Indeed, I fully appreciate that many might completely disagree with my approach.

Bob Hardy


February, 2012

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  1. with my first introduction to Eugene’s writing and lectures about 3 years ago, I found myself to be extremely excited and had my intellect tickled by his brilliant and unorthodox view points. Everything from language, to the Buddhist wheel, to his contributions of a potential corpse!!! My favorite piece of wisdom he gave me was the eternal power of “I” and our ability to become aware of our “I-ness” while still being “I”; or as he coined self-reflexive.

    I simply love to contemplate life and existence; the multitude of perspectives Eugene gives to these topics are exciting and fill you with a sense of living, here and now. Its always encouraging to talk to others who find Eugene’s work and ideas as fascinating and mind expanding as I do.


    D.M. Hope

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