Précis – Eugene Halliday – The Basics of Judaism


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  1. Thanks Bob.
    I married into a Jewish family and it really helped me to get a deeper understanding of the basics of Judaism. Jewish people can find it really difficult to explain simply what Judaism is. Being anything is one thing living it consciously is another. I have read the precis rapidly once and at this point have nothing useful to say except thanks for making it available.

    • Hi Richard
      Thanks for the comment here, I’m glad you found this précis useful,
      I was never able to really track down the source material for this one but I can give you an educated guess..This Précis contains no material regarding the State of Israel, so my guess is that the source book here was written before 1948. In particular, I would go for Milton Steinberg’s excellent ‘Basic Judaism’, which is still in print. At least an edition by ‘Harvest’ – which was brought out in the mid-70’s – is. The impression created by the publisher is that this book is a reprint of a 1960’s book. But in fact it was written in 1947 and came out as a hardback – which is the copy I checked.
      The only trouble with this guess of mine is that I seem to remember that EH does not list Steinberg’s seven major components of Judaism – at least not in the same way.
      Anyway … hope that might help

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